We are a dedicated team of professionals with expertise of leading and strategically challenging business developments and sales operations in various business sectors. With a head-office situated in RAK Free Zone and branch offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we are firmly devoted in our goal of making ourselves the main link for European Industry in the Middle East.

The company has a passionate European management team with bountiful knowledge in the fields of Management, Consultation, Marketing, Business Concept and Planning, Accounting and Trading, which have effortlessly united in becoming our special ability.

In today’s fast-paced world, where it’s only the consumers who shape the ever-fluctuating marketplace, we have noticed that marketers need much more than good advertising and publicity to drive lasting gains. Businesses, in order to stay on top of their competition need to understand the needs of the masses to deliver cognizant solutions. Our mission is to not only create compelling messages for these audiences, but also to come up with innovative market-communication that are deeply rooted in our extensive market research, to ensure that each of our campaigns have a lasting impact and garner positive results for our clients. At ETP we understand both the market and client needs to come up with nonpareil ideas, which allow clients to create a seamless connection with the audiences that matter the most.

Our Vision

We are situated out to make a worldwide learning system that will change the overall conditions of the market. Our vision is to introduce unique and new market planning. Our strategic planning as the base of your growth will garner you an energetic and purposeful progress. We at EuroTeam Partners have developed our own proprietary methods to build new brands or transform the existing ones, products, and business strategy including conceptual facilitation. Our modern techniques will fit your business in today’s competitive marketplace.

Our Mission

Our mission is to understand the market needs and help our clients in understanding them. Our extensive market research techniques coupled with our experience, make an ideal combination to ensure our campaigns are knowledge driven and render quick and lasting results.

Our Vision

With our motto of ‘Know Your Markets First’, we constantly strive to make ourselves better in everything we do. Innovative ideas combined with our experience and modern technology, allows us to have an in-depth view of the markets, enabling us to understand the markets intensively.

We are Business professionals with many years of experience in spearheading strategic business developments and sales operations for various industries. Our office is situated in RAK Free Zone with satellite office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The company has a European management team with many years of experience in the field’s of Consultation, Management, Marketing, Business Concept and planning, accounting and Trading.

Our aim is to be the main link for European industry in the Middle East.

We are Business professionals with many years of experience in spearheading strategic business to develop attractiveness to your brand you must create and possess unique advertising and marketing techniques that would appeal to the senses of the people. For creating the desired hype and allure our teams have developed different strategies including product development accelerators, enchanting brand names and assisting workshops.

For creating environmental and corporative experience, it is essential to create a customarily place for the visitors. By adopting such techniques your brand would make a mark in the market and your brand’s enterprise would be brought to light by following such techniques. Your experience relating to the connecting stories of your brand can be put in to work by creating ways to find out a better solution , constructive path findings and most importantly determination methodologies that are not only as much effective , but are laid on the groundwork of your brand strategy and experiential survey in the whole business environment.

Our teams have been directed towards gathering information from restaurants, hotels, factories ,high-technology, exhibits, conferences and entertainment sectors through which we can create or form a united expansion on strategy, message and story in individual patterning and customer touch point management.


Our team implies a zealous style in training and developing market skills and tactics that will enthuse your employees and guide them and their teammates. Besides on going activities we also introduce games and mind refreshing activities that not only help employees to gain a clear and deep perception of situation but also is a source of increasing their potential level and a way of giving them their job satisfaction. We develop our tactics according to dwelling situation and conditions and own a versatile range of training styles including individual reporting, employee’s personal assessment, conducting presentations and much more. we train employees in such manner that they take action for the benefit of the project success as warmheartedly as for themselves. This enthusiasm not only is beneficial for moral growth of the employee but also is much helpful in earning larger profitability.
The choicest part of our training is to develop such skills in your employees that will help in conducting relations with the clients and acquiring knowledge about the clients need and requirements.

Our trading sector has always been unique and distinctive. We specialize in recognizing the market traits and trends and also have a command over introducing fresh and new products in the public mercantile.

Our trading sector has accumulated and integrated many years of experience and firsthand knowledge in buying and selling of commodities. We are capable of making local trades and also provide services for international trading.

Our company is related with export trading and takes care of all necessary arrangements that are encountered during international trades. For example, documentation procedure, carriage of goods, delivery and distribution.

In addition to above services we also specialize in building up a factory plan and necessary groundwork needed thereupon, for successful production of various market products and brands in different sectors.

We have distinct service areas to meet the goals of different clients, which include-

Market Entry Projects: These projects are built around limited scope, time frame and include market researching, direct sales activity, and partner search and business development. Our professionals are your outsourced sales and development force in the Middle East.

Business Plan Writing and Consulting Service: We provided completed business plans in least possible time at affordable rates. A ‘EuroTeam Partner’ business plan writer will understand your business, products, and competition to write a plan that will make it easier for you to get attention of lenders, investors and directed client groups. We have low cost, high impact solutions to help your business reach the pedestal you always dreamt of.

Benefits of our Business Plan Writing and Consulting Service-

-Quick Turnaround Time: Finished in weeks and not months
-Affordable Prices: To meet the needs of every business. Starting at less than 15,000 AED
-Great Results: Plans that will surely impress the most demanding
-Learn more about our business plan writing service or schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation.

Hourly Consulting to Help You Start, Improve or Complete Your Plans: Want to write your own business plan and need help in getting them finished? Or Need assistance with your financial model or any other sections of your strategy? We are here to help!

Our hourly business plan writing service can be an ideal solution for a variety of your needs. We offer many customized packages of 3, 5 and 10 hours of consulting time, plus free support by IM and E-mails. So start saving your planning time and get involved in conceptualizing your plans based on our years of experience and expertise that will provide you with a head start, or help you improve or complete your business plan.

We provide expertise in all types of projects!

Euroteam has helped develop a variety of projects, both in the UAE and Europe. Below you can click through to their websites to learn more about the businesses, and get an idea of what business you can have use of our expertise.