Since 2009 in the UAE, and 1999 in Europe, our business plan consultants and writers have worked with clients in a wide range of industries and nearly every stage of development – including multiple start-ups – to prepare plans that powerfully communicate business opportunities to investors and lenders. From Sweden, Estonia, UK and the UAE, we have partnered with clients to help them achieve their goals. How can we help you?

Business Plan Writing and Consulting Services

  • Need a business plan completed quickly and at an affordable price? A EuroTeam business plan writer will leverage your input and expertise to quickly, easily, and cost effectively write a plan that will get the attention of investors and lenders. Our team of business plan writers has the high impact, lower cost solution for you!
  • Short Turnaround Time: Finish in Weeks Not Months!
  • Affordable Price: Less Than You Might Expect. Starting at Less Than 15,000 AED.
  • Great Results: A Plan That Will Impress Even The Most Sophisticated Reader.
  • Learn more about our business plan writing services or schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation.

Hourly Consulting To Help You Start, Improve or Complete Your Plan

  • Prefer to write your own business plan? Have a draft and want someone to help you get it across the finish line? Need assistance with certain sections or with your financial model? We can help!
  • Our hourly consulting option may be the perfect business plan solution for you. We offer customised packages of 3, 5 or 10 hours of consulting time, as well as free support by email/instant message. It’s your time, so leverage our experience and expertise to help you start, improve, or complete your business plan.