Installation, Maintenance & replacement of Key-Valve:


11_Maintenance_and_replacement_of_Key-Valve_ENG_Page_1_Image_0002-150x150 11_Maintenance_and_replacement_of_Key-Valve_ENG_Page_1_Image_0003-150x150   Periodically cleaning the urinal with EVOSAN and replacing the Key Valve in accordance with the rate of urinal usage (about three times a year) will prevent clogging of the drain and formation of a crusty deposit.
Do not wash with water. Spray with EVOSAN as part of the normal cleaning routine. Using a paper towel, periodically remove particles and foreign objects. Spray urinal with EVOSAN. Do not wipe afterwards.

Valve replacement

Engage Service-Key into Key-Valve. Turn counter-clockwise to unscrew Key-Valve from the Adapter. Discard the Key-Valve as normal waste. With a slight counter-clockwise twist, engage the Service-Key into the new Key-Valve. Using the Service-Key, screw the Key-Valve clockwise into the Adapter until the valve sits evenly. Spray urinal with EVOSAN. Do not wipe afterwards.