Waterless Technology

A new standard in water-saving urinal technology

In our mission to build the best possible product, we searched the world for the finest waterless urinal technology.

We weren’t satisfied with the products that dominated the waterless market, believing them unfit for prestigious venues and the demanding standards of the UAE market.

After a two year search, we discovered the Enswico cartridge from Switzerland.

It is a dry system based on a proven and patented membrane technology that seals the drain opening to prevent emission of odours. Its de-odorizing top surface acts as an additional insurance against the risk of unwelcome odours. It is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance.

You won’t find a better waterless cartridge.

About Waterless Media

We have your undivided attention

We supply innovative British-designed media urinal products to commercial premises in the United Arab Emirates.

Our aim is to provide venues with an unbeatable mix of zero urinal water costs, improved environmental credentials and a media revenue opportunity, whilst presenting brands with access to a captive, affluent audience.

For us, quality is paramount. We have pursued a research and development path over several years to present a highly discerning market with a premium product and brilliant support services.

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Why waterless? Because we all have a responsibility to preserve the world’s scarce resources. Conventional urinals are inefficient users of water, consuming as much as 120,000 litres per urinal per year.

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